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Parkside Bakery… passion for baking

Parkside Bakery... passion for baking
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

With springtime just around the corner, Parkside Bakery’s new owner, Bob Johnson is busy making plans for beautiful new sweet treats, delicious soups, and delicately crafted handmade croissants to accompany their coffee and tea menu.

With the strength of an established business, along with the drive and energy of a talented new owner who knows his way around a bake shop, Parkside is prepared to serve up sweet goodness in Grayson.

Bob Johnson’s path to owning his own business had been a longtime dream. After several years in the healthcare business, Bob began to look for an opportunity that combined his talents in the restaurant business and baking with a more hometown environment. When Parkside’s owners decided to place the bakery on the market, the opportunity combined all the goals Bob had for owning his own business. “I started baking as a young kid with my mom,” says Bob. “I liked the way yeast worked when baking bread and the way baking powder made cakes rise.” For Bob, Parkside Bakery was the perfect combination of ingredients. 

Cakes are a favorite and Bob has enjoyed providing the centerpieces for weddings and showers. “We have even held showers here during and after hours,” says Bob. “Everyone enjoyed themselves and the bakery provided the perfect venue.” His favorite event so far has been a “baby reveal” shower. The bakery creates a cake that is either pink or blue depending on whether the baby is a girl or boy. When the cake is cut, the surprise is revealed.  

Being a part of the community has been a pleasant part of his welcome to Grayson. “The support we receive from the schools is amazing,” says Bob. “We love doing the special events and boxed lunches for them.” Parkside is a very popular place to meet on teacher workdays. 

The local schools not only patronize the bakery, but also provide superior employees. “I have five seniors and one junior on staff here from local high schools,” says Bob. “They all have things they can contribute.” In addition to the high school staff, Parkside enjoys the hostessing attention of Renee who is on the job Monday to Friday. There are two other part time bakers and a talented decorator on staff to complete the team. 

As springtime begins to blossom, Bob and his staff at Parkside will be serving frappuccinos, iced coffees and teas along with smoothies. He plans to participate in the Wednesday markets in the park with a variety of offerings. “We are also expanding our hours as the days get lighter.” Parkside is open from 8am to 7pm currently with plans to adjust as the days change. Like them on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the sweetest treats Parkside has to offer.