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Perfecting ending

Perfecting ending

I drove through of what seemed to be a curtain of constant rain and tried to make it home. My windshield wipers were on full speed, but I still couldn’t see clearly. The brake lights in front of me were the only source of light that directed me down the street.

Julie Rizzo - Archer HS

Even with my heater on, I can feel the sharp coldness in my hands. The sleeves of my sweater were a little longer than my arms so I covered my hands in the extra fabric. All of the cars on the road were going ten miles below the limit because of the storm that was going on. 

Yesterday was so calm and sunny! That’s Georgia weather for you. I kept some distance from the car; the further the better when it’s raining. All I could think about was that last brownie that was left from when my mom baked a batch last night. I haven’t been home all day, but my taste buds were waiting by the stove since I left this morning. I hope my little brother didn’t eat it. If he did, I’m going to eat all of his skittles! Wait a minute, I really don’t like skittles. If I were to eat them, I would just want that brownie. 

Oh well… Let’s see what’s on the radio. My fingers pushed the volume button and Katy Perry filled the cars’ sound waves. My shoulders danced a little, but my fingers ended up turning the radio back off. I need to just give my full attention to the road. Something appeared on the side of the road, like a blurred image. Focus on the road, just focus. I started to come upon the scene. I cheated and looked to the side. It was just a truck driver stopped on the side. I guess he was waiting for the storm to stop. Smart idea but he doesn’t have a brownie to get to. The rain didn’t ease up one bit; thank you Lord for blessing everyone and me with safety along these roads. I came up to a red light and slowed my already slow car. The car in front of me escaped the light with such perfection, but I was caught on the spot. Now I have to rely on the yellow lines to guide me home. The light turned green and I gradually started to move. I gradually worked my way down the street. In the middle of the street, I pulled into my neighborhood and made it to my house. I tried to open my garage with the garage opener, but for some reason the door didn’t budge. Come on, not right now. The button was pressed again and the same thing happened; the garage still didn’t open. I turned off my car and prepared like a warrior to get soaked. I got my purse and put my keys in it; my fingers wrapped around the door opener. Let’s do this. I opened my door, got out of the car, closed the door and jolted to my front door. 

I climbed the stairs through the cold rain only to find that the door was locked. I ran down the stairs and went to the garage. Every drop of rain hit my clothes and sunk into my bones. I reached the garage and punched the code into the garage. It opened! Awesome! I made it! I opened the door and embraced a tide of warm air. Every drop of rain melted away and my hands recovered its lively health. I switched my clothes to something comfortable and headed to the kitchen. On the way, I said hello to my brother, mother and father. In the kitchen, I made a cup of tea and searched for the brownie. There’s no brownie; it was gone. It’s just a simple little chocolate square, but that was my little chocolate square. The empty plate was deserted. Ugh. What a perfect sad ending to a perfect sad day. I walked into the living room with my family to see they were sharing Italian cookies. My brother had a chocolate mustache. 

“Do you want one?” My dad raised a cookie to me. 

“We saved you the ones that you like!” My mother said. Well, maybe it’s not that bad of an ending. I could hear the rain pounding the walls of the house and it made me more blessed to be in a warm home. I looked to see that they did save my favorites. This makes up for everything. Family and cookies.   

Julie is a senior at Archer High School in Lawrenceville.