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Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR 27th Annual Christmas DAR Tamassee School Luncheon and Party

On Sunday, December 6th, 2015, the Philadelphia Winn Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution hosted its 27th Tamassee Christmas Luncheon and Party. 

 Chaplain Linda Olson

There were 28 very excited children from the Tamassee DAR School in South Carolina.  The luncheon was held at the Lawrenceville First Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, GA. Approximately 150 guests and members attended.
dar1ret190Left: First Vice Regent Kitty Watters and Santa Curtis

The Tamassee DAR School was founded in 1919 by the Daughters of the American Revolution to provide an education to children in the rural Appalachian Mountains. The school survives and thrives to this day;  now the school’s mission is to support children and families in crisis through residential, educational, and outreach services. 
Right: Sarah Rose Rinaldo and Janice Rinaldo

The children from three Tamassee cottages submitted their Christmas “wish lists” to the Chapter. More children were added last week, because the holidays bring an increase in family chaos and need for Tamassee’s help. Great care was taken to grant the children’s wishes and provide wonderful memories. Judging by the very happy faces, every child received exactly what he or she wanted!

Regent Lydia McGill officiated, and Chaplain Linda Olson gave a brief program on the history of many Christmas traditions. Representing the Georgia State Society DAR was Northeast District Director Helen Robertson Powell of Gainesville.

dar2440             CEO Amy Twitty, Santa Curtis and Regent Lydia McGill

Memorial contributions were made by the Chapter and presented to Tamassee CEO Amy Twitty in honor of two Chapter members who died in the past year. A DAR Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Priscilla Hall in memory of her mother, Elaine Tomlinson. Also remembered was the late Eve Miller, a Philadelphia Winn Chapter member and supporter of Tamassee. A DAR Certificate of Appreciation was accepted on behalf of Eve’s family by First Vice Regent Kitty Watters.

Special thanks to Regent Lydia McGill and “Santa” Curtis for their continuing generosity. New Junior Member Tina Rainey photographed each child with Santa, and those pictures are being sent to Tamassee as keepsakes for the children. Our Chapter’s heartfelt thanks goes to the wonderful Williams Family for 27 years of dedication to the children of Tamassee DAR School.  Mrs. Eloise, Jenna, Candy, Faith, and their families spent hours preparing, shopping and wrapping gifts.  At the end of the party, four of the little girls quizzed Curtis McGill if he was possibly Santa because they recognized his watch and shoes. Finally, one little girl said to him, “I know Santa was here because he brought me everything I asked for!” Chaplain Linda Olson donated part of her beloved teddy bear collection, and each child got to choose one to keep and love. Huge thanks to Food Hostess Janice Rinaldo and her sweet daughter, Hostess-in-Training Sarah Rose, for coordinating the luncheon.  Janice has served in this capacity for several years.  Appreciation is given for the use of the wonderful  facilities at the Lawrenceville First Baptist Church and to Pastor Inman Houston, who offered the blessing.  Lastly, thanks to the Daughters of Philadelphia Winn Chapter, whose hearts are filled with glad tidings all year long!

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