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Power Up your Shades

When was the last time you pulled up in front of your garage, got out of your car, manually opened the garage door, got back in your car, drove your car into the garage, and then manually closed it again?

Joan Miller

When was the last time you got out of your chair, walked up to your TV, and changed the channel? For many years now we have done these simple tasks with the push of a button. What about window coverings?

More and more conveniences are now available with the trend moving in the direction of Smart Homes. With Tablet or Smart Phone and Wi-Fi, our heating and air-conditioning, our alarm systems, lighting, and on and on can be controlled automatically by pre-setting specific times of day to operate without even touching a button. We can even answer the doorbell remotely without being home.

The ability to operate shades according to a schedule is a simple operation. Enter the times of day into your app and it’s done! For those who travel frequently, it’s a way to make your home appear occupied. You can program shades to lower when the sun hits the windows or when you turn out the lights at night. Raise the shades after you leave for work when it’s still dark. The window automation technology integrates with Alexa and other Smart Home devices.

No longer are high windows the only ones that are remotely controlled. Automated Blinds, Shades, and even Plantation Shutters have become a part of many homes in recent years. Another benefit is that they are completely child-safe, having no exposed cords. The window covering industry has come under intense scrutiny because of the strangulation hazards of some corded products. No worries with motorized products.

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