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Preserving the Hooper-Renwick Legacy

In 1944, Renwick High was built on three acres of land donated by Mr. Renwick. Students attended grades 8—11 at the school. It was the first public African American high school in Gwinnett County.

A historic photo of Gwinnett’s segregation era Hooper-Renwick High School located in the City of Lawrenceville. The school operated from 1871 to 1968 as the only Gwinnett County public school for African-Americans. Gwinnett County schools were desegragated in 1968.

The white, wood-framed building contained three classrooms. African American high school students throughout Gwinnett County had to provide their own transportation to attend Renwick High or a school closer to their home.

Later, in 1951, Hooper-Renwick High was also built on part of the land donated by Mr. Renwick. The two schools were close to each other. However, Hooper-Renwick contained twelve rooms for students in grades 1—12. The school was allotted two school buses. Those two buses picked up African American students from all over Gwinnett County.

The Gwinnett County Public School System sold the Hooper-Renwick School structure to the city of Lawrenceville in 2014. The building is now targeted for demolition. This building and the white framed structure that preceded it (which is no longer present), were the only public high schools for African Americans in Gwinnett County from 1944 until 1968.

A group of concerned citizens (alumni and others) gathered with the goal of preserving this important structure and legacy of education for African Americans in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and the United States. Due to the actions taken by these citizens, the City of Lawrenceville now recognizes the significant historical value of Hooper-Renwick. The City is committed to commemorating this unique and important history as we move toward a progressive and unified vision.

It is imperative that we join forces to preserve this structure and its legacy within our community. Hoop-er-Renwick will be a historic cultural site and museum.

We need YOUR help and support. Consider joining the Hooper–Renwick Preservation Committee (HRPC). Please email your contact information to us at historichrs@