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Preventive Care & Tips to Know

Preventive Care & Tips to Know

Most often, when visiting a family doctor, you’ve already fallen ill to an ailment that probably could have been prevented. By choosing to take preventive measures, you are setting yourself up with the maintenance to stay healthy longer and avoid the onset of possible health issues.

Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are responsible for numerous deaths among Americans each year and account for extremely increased national health spending. These chronic diseases can be prevented, or caught in an early stage, by a close partnership with your doctor. There are a slew of age appropriate screenings available, in which early detection of diseases can be achieved and treatments administered.  

Eating healthy and incorporating physical activity are great starts. By inviting a healthier diet, you allow your body to accept proper nutrients and not relying on over-the-counter medication to justify the late onset of a probable illness.  In addition, avoid tobacco use. There are many prescription and over-the-counter products available to help you quit. Your body is an amazing recovery tool that constantly is in a state of healing, but as we age, this process slows down, giving diseases the opportunity to arise.

Other measures include recommended screenings, preventive visits, and vaccinations to stay healthy.  When you receive the right care at your current stage of life, it helps keep you healthier longer, and ultimately reducing medical care costs.  By visiting your primary care physician annually, you begin to build a personal healthcare relationship and start understanding your medical history to better plan a future of great health.  Getting a yearly checkup is important and should be a vital part of anyone’s health care routine. Preventative care is essentially your best chance at living a healthy life. 

We practice preventive medicine, provide immunizations, supply wellness exams, and much more at Beaver Ruin Primary Care.  We not only provide a service, we provide total care, for our community friends and family.

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