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Prioritizing love

What would you do if you could spend a whole day filled with love? Where would you be? Who would you be with? What would you eat or drink? Would you move around quickly or slowly? It’s a tempting thought to consider, isn’t it?

Christine Martinello

I pondered some of these questions when my Dad was battling cancer and living with my family. We spent a lot of time talking and sharing stories. Contrary to when I was a child, this time I really paid attention. The sand sifting through the hourglass was swiftly passing by and we knew no matter what we did, we couldn’t stop the flow.

One day I sat by my Dad’s bedside and we talked about life. I asked him, “Da, what advice would you give us?” Through tear stained eyes he said, “If you have love you have everything, if you don’t have love, you have nothing. Love yourself enough to do what you love. Love your family and show them you love them. Love life and all it holds.”

That day I saw with crystal clear eyes what our real job is: To love. We know that. We’ve heard it a million times. Yet, how would our life be different if we lived by it? You know, Love God. Love one another. Love your neighbor as yourself. We might not be so preoccupied with our devices and raise our gaze to really see the people who are right in front of us. Would we get mad with the person who cuts us off in traffic? Or would we send them a silent blessing instead? We might not rush around and be so busy and hurrying all the time. We would definitely forgive faster and stop complaining so much.

If we focused more on love, we would feel more alive and connected to God and other people. If we decided to cast off fear and live with more faith, our love meter would go way up. I want to challenge you to spend more time doing what brings a smile to your face and puts joy in your heart. Schedule loving people and activities on your ‘To do’ list so that at the end of the day, you can say, “Ta da!” Because you know, our days turn into weeks and our months turn into years. When faced with what you should do, ask yourself, “What is the next loving thing I can do?” Imagine love connecting you and swirling all around the air. That simple little question will bring you back in love and peace. 

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Christine is recognized as a leading authority in leadership, life balancing, and Momager™ topics. She is founder of the Momager™ Movement, Camp Her Way, a facilitator of‘edutainment’ programs, a sought-after speaker, and best-selling author of The Momager™ Guide: Empowering Moms To Leave A Loving Legacy.