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Project Patriot

On February 29, 2016, Philadelphia Winn Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution members, Lori Crook and Ann Story, attended a local business networking fundraiser to benefit DAR Project Patriot. 

DAR Service for Veterans Co-Chair Lori Crook, Member of Sugar Hill Business Alliance Steve Wilkes, Second Vice Regent Ann Story.

The fundraiser was organized and supported by The Sugar Hill Business Alliance and the Buford Business Alliance. The two groups organized an evening of fun, food, and fellowship at the City of Sugar Hill.  It is estimated that over 120 local business men and women attended the event.  

The funds that were raised will be donated directly to DAR Project Patriot, which supports America’s service personnel in current conflicts abroad.   This program provides necessary items for wounded service men and women at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.  

DAR ProjectPatriotDisplay 190Lori and Ann, representing the Philadelphia Winn Chapter, provided information on DAR community service and outreach programs. One of our focuses of the evening was to collect as many handwritten, personalized thank you notes as possible to be sent to the men and women who are currently serving in our military. 

Thank you, Sugar Hill Business Alliance and Buford Business Alliance, for inviting us to this event.  The evening was a great success!  A wonderful time was had by all, and Philadelphia Winn Chapter received $350 from the fundraiser to support DAR Project Patriot.  The funds will be given to Michelle Grudzien, Philadelphia Winn Chapter Project Patriot Chairman, who will be able to provide patients at Landstuhl with phone cards or the most critical items needed.

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