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PRP Hair Restoration Provides Hope for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a common problem for many. Men and women spend countless dollars every year for products in hopes of regaining the hair of their youth. However, there is a treatment that is emerging as a leader in this field, and it is surprisingly organic.

Chrissy Thomas, RN, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Anti-Aging Specialist

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP, is a treatment that uses a client’s own blood components to stimulate healing and restore proper functioning. PRP therapy was initially developed in the 1970’s and was first noted in use in 1987 when surgeons used it in an open-heart surgery procedure. PRP therapy began gaining popularity in the mid-1990’s. It has since been used in many different medical fields such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry, sports medicine and pain management. The number of positive studies about PRP’s effectiveness has increased dramatically since 2007. PRP as related to restoring thinning hair has become an exciting option since 2014.

During a PRP Hair Restoration appointment, a small amount of blood is drawn from the client and placed in a centrifuge to spin out the platelet rich plasma, where the growth factors and other nutrients are found in the blood. The PRP is then injected into the scalp with a tiny needle. The remaining PRP is then micro needled into the top layers of the scalp to further “fertilize” the area. When PRP is used in this way, the results are very impressive with thickened hair follicles, less hair shedding, and new hair growth.

About Face Hair RestorationThe treatments are typically done once per month for a total of four treatments. Clients will notice results after the second treatment. Injected PRP will remain in the body for twelve months after injected with the peak results at three months. It is recommended to have a maintenance treatment at six months to keep hair growth and thickness regulated. Immediately after treatment, clients are asked to go home, take a warm shower and wash their hair. It is best to avoid coloring or chemically treating hair a week before or after the treatment to avoid complications. Normal hair care products and hair loss medications and treatments do not have to be avoided. 

PRP Hair Restoration is a great option for those who are experiencing typical male and female pattern balding. For those experiencing hair loss due to medication and chemotherapy, it is advisable to wait until these medications have cleared the system to get the best result. Clients who have lost hair due to wearing extensions or weaves can expect a nice response, but those who have scarring in the area of hair loss would not be good candidates. Health conditions that cause hair loss, such as thyroid issues, should be under control before the start of PRP treatment to ensure a better result. Clients who are bald will not benefit from this therapy. There must be some hair growth in the area for PRP to be able to help.

It is an exciting time to be able to provide a proven treatment that creates no downtime and has 100% NO allergic reactions. Clients are also thrilled to learn that the same technology may be used to stimulate eyebrow growth and rejuvenate skin. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are yet another amazing example of the miracle of the human body.