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Reflecting on family and home – 70’s

I recently went to the Snell family reunion. I always look forward to our reunion, to see who has gotten older (ha, like myself), who has gotten married and of course who has had a baby or babies!  I love all of my family and I'm very proud to be a part of it. 

Mandy Snell

If you were not there, you were definitely missed. Now, with that said, as I looked around the room at all my cousins, I realized what a huge part the Snell’s have contributed to the growth and prosperity of Snellville. 

With the family business which started in 1923. A nice coincidence that the town itself turned 90 this year also. They have employed lots of family members, spouses of family members and a great deal of others. G.F. Snell started the company, and after he passed away in the late 1930’s, my uncle Edwin Richard Snell Sr.(E.R. Snell), bought the company from his mother, Permelia Clementine Cofer Snell, in the early 40’s. He brought a few brothers and brother-in-laws into the business also. The company has always had a family member as it’s president. 

Still today, it is a very family oriented business and prosperous. As the 1970’s came along, Snellville began ‘booming.’ 

Houses were being built all over town. P & M Enterprises started their business in the late 60’s. Phillips and Mason, which were James Phillips, Jimmy and Wayne Mason. They were responsible for most of the development and home building. 

Mr. Phillips himself built over 750 houses between 1968 and the mid 80’s.

Darlene Byrd Phillips joined the team in 1970.  She has sold a little over 1,500 homes… that is a lot! She was the first person in Gwinnett to receive the Triple Phoenix award, as well as being in the Million Dollar Club for 36 consecutive years. 

Houses were going up all over town, the first area was on Pinehurst Road and then Abbington Park (off Skyland Dr). Then, in no particular order, was Nob Hill, Hickory Hills, Georgian Oaks and Harbour Oaks, just to name a few. 

While the town was growing in population and businesses, there were quite a few of my family graduating from South Gwinnett. From my brother-in-law, Don Moon (1970), all 3 of my brothers (Hugh, Gladston & Bill) to 14 of my cousins…. David, Robin, Jackie, Eddie, Brian, Chris, Connie, Jimmy, Freddie, Melinda, LuAnn, Melodie, Kevin and Andy!! 

‘Most’ of these men work or worked at ERS at some point. I remember the 70’s very well and it was a wonderful decade to be young and watch Snellville grow around us. So much more happened in the 1970’s that I can’t get it all in this time. I will see you soon with more!

Please feel free to comment and give me more ideas if you would like. Until then…

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about life in Snellville and its history. We welcome you to add your history by commenting below.