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Reflecting on family and home – Those Carefree Days!

Reflecting on family and home - Those Carefree Days!

By Mandy Snell Harris

I made the comment to a friend the other day, and after I said it, I realized that it truly does apply to me. “ I’m so glad I was aware of how much fun I was having cause I didn’t want to miss anything!”

Mandy Snell Harris

I know being the youngest of 6, had something to do with that. All my siblings had their friends over all the time. (as did I when I got older). From the time I can even remember, our house was never quiet or boring, anyone who has been there can vouch for that. We had a practice field with a large baskstop in one of our pastures and a lot of cows and some horses in the others. So, if there wasn’t much activity at the practice field, there was always plenty going on at the barn. When my daddy got home from work, he very rarely would come into the house first. He would always head to the barn, through the backyard, open the gate to the wooden fence, let the bird dogs out to run a little and then to check on the cows. The horses we had were Uncle Cyril’s and he would come by everyday to feed and water them. We had a 1966 white Chevrolet pick-up and my brothers would put a rock under the gas pedal, so I wouldn’t ‘gun it’ and throw them out the back. I could stand up between the seat and the steering wheel and drive around the pasture while they threw hay out for the cows.

I guess my point to all this is the work ethic that everyone had back then, just because you were ‘off’ work, didn’t mean the work was done. My daddy made sure all of his animals were fed and taken care of before he came in to eat supper. He knew his kids were good because mother was there and our Grannie Hanis (mama’s mother) lived with us. She would cook/prepare 3 meals a day and mama did the grocery shopping. I’ve made it a habit not to use the word “perfect” too much, unless I am speaking of a baby/small child, a sunset or a really good meal. Ha! But, in this case, I have to say…I had a perfect childhood!

I had so many friends that lived all around me and of course, all 9 of us that lived under one roof. If we weren’t riding ponies of go-carts, we were swimming or playing plastic ball in the backyard. No drama, not much fussing and a happily married mother and daddy. I knew I was lucky, even then, and I soaked up everything! I, like most of you, I’m sure, miss those carefree days. From counting down the days until summer started or Christmas Day when Santa came to our house. We were always playing outside until it got dark, and then it was in front of the TV for “Beverly Hillbillies”, or on Sunday nights, “The Wonderful World of Disney”. So simple and yet so comfortable…wouldn’t change a thing!

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!