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Relocating Seniors can be done with a Smooth Mooove

It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and for Adrienne Simpson-Peppler, the owner of Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services, that is certainly true. She got the idea to start her own moving company after witnessing her mother struggle with getting organized for a cross-country move in 2002.

Adrienne Simpson-Peppler, owner of Smooth Mooove, with her Crew Supervisor, Patrick.

Simpson-Peppler quickly realized that moving was not a one-woman job so she searched the Yellow Pages a now-defunct book of business advertisements for an A-Z moving company, which did not exist, that is until Smooth Mooove was born. “My many years in corporate America helped me realize that [my dilemma] was a fragmented customer delivery process,” said Simpson-Peppler.

What she needed was a moving company that specialized in addressing the needs of seniors because seniors do not typically move because they want too, they move because they must and they also have to downsize in the process, which can be especially challenging for some seniors.

Smooth Mooove has cornered the market on moving seniors by offering a host of services including cleaning, sorting, organizing, packing, transporting, unpacking, hanging pictures and drapes, space planning, personal shopping, interior design, and estate sales.

Adam Jordan of Decatur used Smooth Mooove in March and he booked them again for his July move because he said his first move was a smooth move. “They were on-time, did the work, and there was no damage to anything. I need a few good men again,” he added.

When Simpson-Peppler and her two male friends started working as movers, she had no prior knowledge of the moving business, so she learned the hard way, by just doing it. 

“I drove the truck, I packed the household goods, loaded and unloaded furniture, unpacked everything so that it looked like home the first time my clients saw it, on moving day,” she said.

SmoothMove2 440Some of the crew of Smooth MooovePresently, Smooth Mooove employs 15 people and they have 3 moving trucks: Big Mama, Nellie, and Ellie Mae, but at one time there were twice as many employees and trucks. Most of the employees stick around for about 2 years, except for Patrick Jackson, who has been with Simpson-Peppler for 9 years. He is the supervisor of the moving crew.

“I have been here for 9 years because I am dedicated to my boss and I am dedicated to my job,” said Jackson.

Smooth Mooove is always looking for reliable workers who are not afraid of hard physical work, and those who want more for themselves and their loved ones.

In fact, Smooth Mooove is so much more than just a business, it’s a community service as well.

“Most of my staff have blemishes on their backgrounds. They have served their time and want to be productive members of society. They must pass a drug test and background check, and they cannot have a conviction for theft or assault. Almost all my current employees were referred by current employees,” said Simpson-Peppler.

She said her proudest accomplishment thus far has been winning the OPEN from American Express “Make Mine A Million Dollar Business Contest” because this was when she realized the business could be so much more than she imagined.

Before the 2008 recession hit, Smooth Mooove had experienced double-digit growth each year, making a million dollars in sales in 2006.
Over the years, the business has evolved to work with anyone that touches a senior citizen.

“In the beginning, I thought it would simply be retirement communities, but we work with Adult Protective Services, Ombudsman, Discharge Planners and anyone who knows a senior needing assistance,” said Simpson-Peppler.

Going forward, Simpson-Peppler plans to grow the business, by having Smooth Mooove in every major market that has a high retirement community population.

When asked what sets Smooth Mooove apart from the competition, Jackson said, it’s simple:” Team-work.”