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Ribbon-cutting ceremony puts final touch on LCI project

Ribbon-cutting ceremony puts final touch on LCI project

SNELLVILLE – At a ceremony celebrating the completion of the Livable Centers Initiative, city officials chose a green ribbon to cut. 

Why the color of money?

lci plan190“We expect to attract investment dollars,” said City Manager Butch Sanders. “This is another piece in the city of Snellville.”

Gone are the power lines and wooden poles which lined Oak Road, Wisteria Drive and Clower Street. In their places are expanded sidewalks, steel lamp posts, benches and parking spots. It’s all part of an effort to increase walkability downtown and to provide a clean and attractive canvas for investors to develop. 

Work began on the $3 million project in the summer of 2014 and is designed to be the focal point of the Towne Center, a walking-friendly business district which represents the future economic hub of the city. 

lci street190Improvements central business district include more than 5,000 feet of new sidewalks, a 5-foot planting strip for new street trees and flowers/shrubbery, brick paver crosswalks to slow traffic and encourage walking, new lighting fixtures carrying on the same theme as those around the Towne Green and the placement of benches, bike racks and other pedestrian amenities to encourage people to enjoy the area.

“It has been one of those (difficult) projects because it was local, state and federal,” said Councilwoman Barbara Bender. “But all the agencies came together. It was up the council and Butch to finally get us there.”

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