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Roots of Wisdom Exhibit at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

From duck decoys to surfboards, chocolate to popcorn, knowledge from indigenous people is of benefit to us all. The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center's (GEHC) newest, interactive exhibit, allows visitors to explore how the blending of age-old traditions and modern science work together to restore vital ecosystems, provide sustainable food sources and improve human health.

 Visitors learn about traditional Hawaiian fishing practices and ecosystem management through exciting digital interactive displays and games.

The Roots of Wisdom: Native Knowledge, Shared Science exhibit will be on display from Sept. 22, 2018, to Jan. 2, 2019.

The exhibit highlights four Native American communities from across the country, including the Tulalip Tribes, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, native Hawaiians and the Eastern Band of the Cherokee. Visitors gather resources, examine data and take part in the growing movement toward sustainability and the reclamation of age-old practices. Visitors will hear voices of elder and youth, engage with digital interactive displays, hands-on games, puzzles and much more.

Exhibit stations allow visitors to act as caretakers of a fish pond and join a droplet of water on an incredible journey down a Hawaiian mountainside, discover traditional practices of wild harvesting and gardening, help restore an ecosystem through stewardship of a lamprey and the restoration of river cane and even try their hand at basket weaving.

“As we celebrate Gwinnett’s bicentennial, it is important to recognize the people, including the Cherokee and the Creek that lived here before the county was officially established in 1818. This special exhibit reminds us that our community is continually influenced by different cultures, past and present,” said Jason West, Program Manager. Produced and toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the exhibit was made possible with funds provided by the National Science Foundation. The self-guided exhibit is included in free admission to the GEHC during its regular operating hours. For more information, including guided, exhibit programming options, email, call 770.904.3500 or visit