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Rotary Club of Lawrenceville Celebrates Learning

While summer is certainly not over, school is back in session and the entire community begins a new, ten-month period of accommodating various school requirements and supporting educational initiatives. In Gwinnett County, traffic increases tremendously and the ease of commuting to work during the summer becomes a wistful memory.

Andrew Carnes with Partnership Gwinnett.

Phillip Nichols with the Boy Scouts.Phillip Nichols with the Boy Scouts.Learning for most of us is life-long and year-round. Through the summer, the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville has enjoyed some diverse speakers. In one meeting, Arvind Razor, a rising college Freshman, shared his vision for solar lighting that can be used all over the world. This will be helpful in bringing countries without electricity into the modern age. In another meeting, Takashi Shinozuka, Consulate-General of Japan, Atlanta talked about the Japanese population in our area and the need for young American citizens to go to Japan for 1-5 years to teach English. Andrew Carnes with Partnership Gwinnett explained that they are the economic marketing arm for the sixteen cities in Gwinnett County. Phillip Nichols with the Northeast Council of Boy Scouts of America discussed the scouting opportunities available in Gwinnett. Part of the reason our club enjoys such diversity in speakers is because all members have an opportunity to engage a speaker during the year. If you are a humanitarian and love to learn, Rotary Club of Lawrenceville may be the group for you. You can find out about our club online or if you see me around town, ask me how you can attend one of our meetings.

Takashi Shinozuka, Consulate-General of Japan.Takashi Shinozuka, Consulate-General of Japan.

Leigh is a proud Rotarian and CEO of Creative Enterprises, Inc., a not for profit, training, and employment, community rehabilitation program for adults with disabilities. A lifelong resident of Gwinnett County, Leigh divides her time between advocating for people with disabilities, enjoying her children, grandchildren, and friends, helping her doTerra essential oil customers, traveling, and focusing on her spiritual journey to appreciate how we are all connected.