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Rotary Fellowships

Rotary Club of Lawrenceville is ending another productive year in June as a “Bronze” club. While this is not as prestigious as earning “Gold” club status, it still requires the efforts of many people to make it happen.

Creative Enterprises volunteers to read at Lawrenceville Elementary School for Rotary Club of Lawrenceville

Since less than half of the clubs in GA attained this status, we owe a special thank you to club president, Craig Roberts, for making sure our club was in the top 50% of clubs.

Jamie Cramer with GA Department of Human ServicesJamie Cramer with GA Department of Human ServicesAfter a year of articles discussing why rotary has a different focus each month, this article will close the year by describing Rotary Fellowships. Most of you know by now that Rotary has a mission to do good in the world. The one million Rotarians share this mission and sometimes they find people interested in specific areas to meet that mission. Fellowships are international and open to Rotarians, their families, and other interested people. Examples include the environment, ethics, social responsibility, sports, various cultures, young people, E-clubs, and probably hundreds of other areas of interest. This is a good way to meet like-minded people from all over the world while helping in an area that is important to the individual.

Kevin Pierannumzi with RotaractKevin Pierannumzi with RotaractWe are fortunate to be in a community with some conscientious and ethical leaders who have made Gwinnett County into the powerhouse that it is. Some of these folks will not be seeking re-election and the leaders we chose will decide the direction of Gwinnett County that has been 200 years in the making. My sincere hope is that the majority of us wish to do well in the world and we will start in our own communities when we elect the best people for the job without basing those decisions on political party, race, religion, gender, or anything else that has nothing to do with how qualified a candidate is.

Matt Elder with HomeFirst Gwinnett InitiativeMatt Elder with HomeFirst Gwinnett Initiative

Rotarians delivering food to the Quinn HouseRotarians delivering food to the Quinn House

Leigh is a proud Rotarian and CEO of Creative Enterprises, Inc., a not for profit, training, and employment, community rehabilitation program for adults with disabilities. A lifelong resident of Gwinnett County, Leigh divides her time between advocating for people with disabilities, enjoying her children, grandchildren, and friends, helping her doTerra essential oil customers, traveling, and focusing on her spiritual journey to appreciate how we are all connected.