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Rotary New Year 2020

I spent the last year writing articles explaining the Rotary philosophy and what Rotary emphasizes each month of the year. I have shared volunteer activities, with numerous pictures of Rotarians engaged in making a difference in the community. I have asked for volunteers and asked for people who are like-minded to step up and join our efforts to “do good in the world”.

Leigh McIntosh

Rotarians and family Bell ringers for the Salvation Army in December 2019.Rotarians and family Bell ringers for the Salvation Army in December 2019.Because it is difficult to engage folks in causes these days, I thought I would put the question out to all of you. What makes you decide to get involved with a good cause? Do you ever hear about someone in need and decide to actively do something to help? Would you consider joining a group in order to make a larger impact and to create positive change in the world? Do you prefer to work with children, animals or adults? 

This is a new year. Many of us think about resolutions and many times our focus is on how we can improve ourselves physically. I am challenging each of you to make a resolution to focus on a group in need. Think about what you are passionate about and how you can join forces to have a significant impact. If ever there was a time this world was in need of kindness, it is now. Happy New Year’s to all.

Leigh is a proud Rotarian and CEO of Creative Enterprises, Inc., a not for profit, training and employment, community rehabilitation program for adults with disabilities.  A lifelong resident of Gwinnett County, Leigh divides her time between advocating for people with disabilities, enjoying her children, grandchildren, friends, and animals, helping her doTerra essential oil customers, traveling, and focusing on her spiritual journey to appreciate how we are all connected. Rotary meetings are every Monday at Garden Plaza in Lawrenceville at noon. Visit us on Facebook at Rotary Club of Lawrenceville or contact us at or

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