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Last night I tossed and turned and prayed to God for His guidance about this column and asked the question, “How do I write about such a troubling subject matter? What words am I to use?” I let go. And, the answer came to me in early morning hours, “S.O.S.”

Katie Hart Smith

With the nightly news and the leading headlines – murder, death, and tragedy – and a myopic focus on what’s wrong in this world, it tends to overshadow the good things that are happening every day, by you. In a phone call with my sister, Julie said, “I’m so thankful for you and people like you who choose to write and focus on the “good” news stories and of the accomplishments and of the people in your .” I was touched. I told her that I chose to carry the lantern, to shine the light on others and to be the bright light in the darkness with the hope that people can find their way.

However, after watching the news last month, I was sickened by the events unfolding in New York, who joined other states to include the District of Columbia, to celebrate the passing of legislation allowing for later-term (full-term) abortions (Source: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation for a complete listing of states). When did human life become disposable?

I have a saying, “Jesus and sticky notes help keep me straight.” (It sounds like the title for a country song, right?) As many of you know, I pray before I write and I use a boatload of sticky notes (you can find them in my purse, car, office, and kitchen) to jot down random thoughts, ideas, or words of. A long time ago, I penned the following Bible verse, unsure of where I would ever use it…until now.

“Without wise leadership, a nation is in trouble; but with good counselors, there is safety.” – Proverbs 11:14.

Be a good counselor. Pray for our leaders.

Be a free-minded, not a sheep-minded thinker. Shine the light. Be the bright light in the darkness. I am signaling the lamplight with three short flashes, three long flashes, and three short flashes and am sending out a distress call to save our souls, to save the unborn and the delivered babies from the atrocity of infanticide. There are always other alternatives to include adoption. We have federal laws protecting animal’s lives, why not our children’s? We, as a country, must choose to value human life. If this kind of thing is possible now, then what stops the unthinkable from happening when a politician decides to write genocidal legislation to manage the elderly population?


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