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SarahCare Expands…with hearts full of joy

SarahCare Expands...with hearts full of joy
By Beth Volpert Johansen

SarahCare of Snellville is no ordinary senior care facility. The love and joy both participants and staff have for the program spilled beyond the doors, so Aysha Cooper did the only logical thing-she made plans to expand.

memorywall 440endOne of the most extraordinary parts of the story has to do with the beautiful memory wall dedicated to one of the cherished participants who never missed a day at SaraCare. The wall, dedicated to Marlin McKeever, whose portrait exemplifies his infectious happy attitude, holds the photos of those SarahCare participants who have passed on. Marlin’s mother, Rose remembers his delight at having found SarahCare on the internet more than three years ago. “He had a caregiver at the house while I was away at work,” says Rose. “But, she wouldn’t take him out places, he knew he had found the right place here.” After his first visit, Marlin was “hooked on SarahCare”. “When he was here, he felt normal, well, and whole,” says Rose. “He passed away 7 weeks ago from a brain disorder, but he would have loved this new building-it was his dream.” sc3embedd440a190190It seemed that everyone at the September 10th Open House had something wonderful to share about the expanded facilities and the lady in charge. Of course, some were more biased than others…Aysha’s mom was in attendance and her sister flew in from Indianapolis to attend the event and support her vision for the seniors of the community. “Aysha is so supportive and shows a lot of love to the participants,” says Aysha’s mother, Brenda McCann. b 190“The families of the participants tell me all the time how much they love her and how she is a godsend.” Aysha’s sister, Deanna Gooch said, “When she was a little girl, I always knew she’d be big-she is HUGE! She has just soared!” Aysha’s dad, Bob Treadwell was beaming with pride. “I have to admit, I am a fan of the new “man cave”, the guys love that room.”c 440

a 440Always one to support an entrepreneurial spirit, Executive Director and Administrator of Governor Deal’s Commission on Equal Opportunity, Melvin Everson was in attendance and smiling at the turnout. “Aysha has a great facility,” says Everson. “She does great work for some of the most valued citizens of Gwinnett – the seniors.” 
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f 190The staff buzzed around the room with a party atmosphere and were the first to show visitors all the wonderful rooms and activities available. Bernice Tuff explained that working at SarahCare was a joy. “I discovered SarahCare after transporting a patient to the facility,” says Bernice.

“I saw how much fun they were having and decided I wanted to work here-it really is a home away from home for the participants and the staff.” 

For Aysha, the evening was a whirlwind of meeting and greeting all of her supporters. Most importantly, her young son, Drew was next to her for the ribbon cutting. “I was glad he was by my side,” says Aysha.
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“I am also so grateful for the community support from the City of Snellville and other government officials; I am so happy they see this as more than a business, it is a service and one that is a joy to provide.”

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