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Setting a new standard in lawn care

For Josh Mohr, building a business from the ground up came quite naturally. Georgia’s fast-growing lawns offered him a great place to start as a 14-year-old who wanted some extra cash. “I started pushing lawnmowers around the neighborhood and kept going from there,” says Josh.

Josh and Alicia Mohr with their two young boys.

“I can’t imagine working for someone else; I really enjoy being self-employed.” That 14 year-old boy, with some help from his dad, turned “pushing mowers around” into Gwinnett Lawn Care and Landscaping. Not only does Josh work for himself, but he also employs four others and counts himself among the successes of our economy. 

 “You might say self-employment runs in the family,” says Alicia Mohr. “Both of our families have strong local ties and we tend to work for ourselves.” Those families are very important to both Josh and Alicia. With two small boys at home, having grandparents close by is invaluable. “We love that they live so close.” 

HOUSELiving and working in Grayson is something that both Josh and Alicia are finding suits their lives. Recently, they relocated from Lilburn which allowed them enough space to foster a horse through the The Georgia Equine Rescue League. “I always wanted a horse and this is a win-win for everyone,” says Alicia. The boys enjoy watching Dakota the horse in the pasture and the oldest “helps” by riding his John Deere tractor and “mowing” the lawn. For the Mohr’s it really is a family business.

Since relocating from the Lilburn area to Grayson, Gwinnett Lawn Care and Landscaping has expanded their outdoor space. Josh is making plans to create a fresh springtime display that will showcase some of their designs for both residential and commercial clients. “I am looking forward to adding some color and making landscaping changes,” says Josh. “It is a bonus to have my family close when I am working.”

image2In addition to the landscaping services, Josh and his crew also provide tree removal services. “We just finished our most interesting and challenging project in Atlanta,” says Josh. “We removed 16 trees from against a retaining wall.” While the project was intense, Josh says that his crew enjoyed the challenge. They brought much of the wood back and are preparing to make it available as firewood. “We try to recycle and reuse as we work,” says Alicia. “Josh even chose a large slice from one of the tree trunks to finish into a table.”

At a café table next to the Grayson City Park, Josh and Alicia take an hour out to promote business and enjoy the community they have chosen for their family and business. Sipping a cup of coffee and watching the neighbors, Alicia thinks of a million little things to post on their Facebook page and include on the website she is designing. Even when they are taking a little break, the wheels of a self-employed mind keep turning.

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