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Side Step- Skin Care for the Cancer Patient

We are excited to announce something very special at About Face Skin Care. After years of reading, research classes, caring for existing clients experiencing cancer treatments, and passion to perfect this program, it is our great honor to announce Side Step Oncology Aesthetics.

By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

We have chosen to call this program Side Step. For so many, this period is a temporary hiatus to normal life. It is a scary time of uncertainty that is cured after surgical, chemical, or radiation treatment and is, thus, a side step in life. For some, it is a far more serious diagnosis that will require cancer therapy for life. Our pampering diversion is a side step from the day to day struggles of living with cancer. No matter the situation, the Side Step Oncology Aesthetics program will be available to provide healing skin care and pampering for all clients experiencing cancer treatments.

I first began to think about this program in the early years of my business in 2004. I was still a “one person show” with about 250 clients. I had very little variety in my products and services, and very little knowledge about caring for this population. Unfortunately, these diagnoses are far too common. Fortunately, there have been so many great strides in curing these cancers. My clients wanted to continue to care for themselves while going through cancer treatment and I had to make sure they were properly treated with safe products.

A client experiencing cancer treatment has unique needs. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical interventions can create issues with skin integrity, skin break outs, dryness, sensitivities, discomfort, and fatigue. Self-esteem issues and a compromised immune system are other important considerations. A thorough understanding of each client’s disease process, treatment and skin needs is necessary to safely provide guidance on product and services. Special attention to ingredients ensures that nothing will be used to further compromise the skin or the immune system.

The environment for treatment should also be monitored closely. About Face Skin Care takes great pride in keeping the best practices in sanitation and cleanliness, and with this program, we will be implementing even more safety precautions. Our oncology certified staff will make sure they do not spread germs to these clients. If our provider has been ill within forty-eight hours of treatment, the service will be cancelled or moved to another provider. In cases of where our client is severely immunocompromised, our providers will wear masks if there are concerns.

Most importantly, our Side Step clients will be in a stress-free environment. Our quiet and calm treatment rooms and providers offer an atmosphere where clients will feel at ease. Our makeup artist will be happy to help clients find makeup that is more comfortable for skin that is changing or to provide a fresh look.

If you or someone you know is having cancer therapy and would like to know more about our Oncology Certified skin products and facials, please give us a call. We offer a free consultation. We look forward to pampering these beautiful faces.

About Face Skin Care is in Snellville behind Lowes on Janmar Road. Our number is 770-935-FACE (3223), or you may visit us and book online at