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Signature Plastic Surgery “a road less traveled”

SIGNATURE PLASTIC SURGERY is Gwinnett county’s premier practice for the personal restoration and/or enhancement of the face, body and breasts.

Earl Stephenson, Jr. MD, DDS

A native of Portsmouth, Virginia I grew up in a military family but I had a strong desire to become a commercial artists. When I approached my parents with my career desires she simply said “No!” paraphrased of course. That was the end of my career as a commercial artist! Thirty years removed from that conversation I have found myself nicely settled in my career as a plastic surgeon.

“Plastic surgery has been a beautiful marriage between my natural skills in art and my training in plastic surgery.” —Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS

My Fifteen years of diverse training in dentistry, oral surgery, general surgery, and plastic surgery has allowed me to develop a unique plastic surgery practice. At SIGNATURE PLASTIC SURGERY we offer reconstructive surgery to rebuild lives after breast cancer and skin cancer. Additionally, we perform aesthetic surgery to enhance the appearance to improve one’s self -confidence.

“The average length of training to become a plastic surgeon is 11 years.” –American Society of Plastic Surgeons

I am excited to be a quarterly contributor to the Gwinnett Citizen. I plan to provide our community with timely relevant information to raise the public’s awareness of what plastic surgery can offer. Happy New Year!

Earl Stephenson, Jr., MD, DDS, FACS is Gwinnett’s County’s only dually qualified board-certified plastic Surgeon. He is also the founder of SIGNATURE PLASTIC SURGERY. Follow Dr. Stephenson on Twitter, Facebook, Web site or simply visit with him in our Snellville office by calling (770) 466-4700.