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Smith: Snellville can prosper with unity

Smith: Snellville can prosper with unity

Snellville – Civil rights icon Dr. Tommie Smith told those who attended Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebration that King would be proud of them for honoring his legacy of unity.

mlk2190“Dr. Martin Luther King would be proud of us today because we are (working together),” said Smith, who was the keynote speaker at the event at City Hall. 

Smith made international headlines when he raised his black leather gloved fist when receiving a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. The gesture became a symbol of the civil rights movement. 

mlk1190“Can the city of Snellville prosper with unity?” Smith asked. “Of course it can. It’s already doing it. Let us this day unite Snellville though unity in the community.”

Smith, introduced by Melvin Everson, executive director of Georgia Equal Opportunity Commission, followed Laura Drake, director of the Southeast mlk3190Gwinnett Co-Op, who made an emotional speech recalling King’s inspirational spirit, calling for those to honor him by serving their community. 

The more than 150 in attendance at the event, organized by Mayor Tom Witts, then joined those marching from New Jerusalem Baptist Church on the way to more celebration and a meal at South Gwinnett High School.