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Snellville begins Leadership Snellville Program

UPDATE: 'Leadership Snellville' update and clarification from Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz regarding original press release from the Mayor's office 
By Auveed Bagheri Cawthon, Co-Publisher/Co-Editor

Snellville (September 1, 2014)- According to Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz, Leadership Snellville is not an official City Program of Snellville as implied in an earlier press release (below from the Mayor's office). 

Georgia Senator Gloria Butler  with the inaugural Leadership Snellville class: Beverly Powers, Alisa Boykin, Michelle Munroe, Pose Staples, Connie Robinson, Rita Blake, Mack Brannon, Omotayo Aiyere, Dexter Harrison, Antonio Wallace and Crystal Moon (not pictured).

Mayor Kautz states, Leadership Snellville is a Mayor ininiative “similar to Councilman Witt’s Veterans Memorial, Councilwoman Bender’s Entrepreneur Group, Councilman Howard’s new Cop Cab, and Councilman Emanuel’s Give Hunger the Boot. While all of these programs are great – I hope that the City supports each. None were official actions of the City but rather initiatives of individual Council members (yet the City has and does send out press releases for all).”

“The idea of Leadership Snellville was discussed several months if not more than a year ago during a work session of the Mayor and Council along with Snellville 101 and is just getting started. But just as Leadership Gwinnett is not a county program the City Council has not approved this as a City program,” says Kautz.

Kautz says, “The program is free of charge to participants and no City funds are being spent on any items. Some City employees have agreed to be volunteer guest speakers but the meetings are held after hours.Participants were selected from their leadership/involvement in Snellville but not necessarily City activities because part of the goal is to expand citizen involvement.”

“Hopefully, after the program gets through its first trial year and is successful we will expand the participants and the City Council will officially adopt this program,” says Kautz.


Snellville begins Leadership Snellville Program

Snellville – The City of Snellville has begun to educate leaders for its future. Mayor Kelly D. Kautz is excited to announce the beginning of Leadership Snellville, a new leadership program being offered to Snellville area residents.

Leadership Snellville was initiated by Snellville Mayor Kautz and has been modeled after other leadership programs such as Leadership Gwinnett and Leadership Georgia, but Leadership Snellville is offered free of charge. 

Participants of Leadership Snellville will meet once a week for ten (10) sessions to learn more about topics relevant to the City of Snellville, such as Transportation, Finance, Public Safety, Economic Development and more. In addition to the meeting participants will be assigned weekly projects and will complete a group community service project to better an aspect of the City. 

“The mission behind Leadership Snellville is to better educate the citizenry about out City, its functions and the issues that it faces and to hopefully create a diversified pool of informed citizens who will use their newfound knowledge to get involved through volunteer work, service on City boards and even running for City office. Although, I am very grateful for all of our current volunteers and board members, I believe that it is time for us to expand the group of people who work for the betterment of our community” said Mayor Kelly Kautz. 

The inaugural class was selected based on their involvement in the Snellville community, but not necessarily their involvement with City related organizations. The inaugural class includes Beverly Powers, Alisa Boykin, Michelle Munroe, Pose Staples, Connie Robinson, Rita Blake, Mack Brannon, Omotayo Aiyere, Dexter Harrison, Antonio Wallace (pictured) and Crystal Moon (not pictured). Also, pictured is Georgia Senator Gloria Butler who along with Mayor Kelly D. Kautz led the first class discussion on the structure of state and local government.

Snellville is the first City in Gwinnett County to offer its own leadership initiative.