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Snellville joins Gr8 Exchange transportation conversation

Snellville joins Gr8 Exchange transportation conversation

SNELLVILLE – The city has joined the effort to create a dialogue about traffic in Gwinnett County. 

Called the Gr8 Exchange on Transportation, the grassroots movement brings residents together to talk about what organizers call one of the most pressing issues facing Gwinnett County. 

The week of Aug. 24-28, area leaders and volunteers will be having conversations around the county about what role transportation plays in shaping Gwinnett’s future and what they want that future to look like.

Organizers are asking those interested to visit to pledge to have a conversation about transportation and to volunteer to help spread the word and to text “Join” to 74029 and answer eight questions about transportation in Gwinnett

“This isn’t an effort to prescribe what type of transportation people need to be talking about; it’s a more organic approach to the public input process,” said Chuck Warbington, executive director for the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District. “We hope to reach portions of the community that have not always been represented at the table.”

The leadership team is currently in the process of recruiting volunteers to help take the message into the communities in which they live by passing out materials at local restaurants, cafes or sporting events. Volunteers will have the opportunity to host conversations which can be anything from a happy hour or dinner to a neighborhood meeting. They will also be asked to pledge to have more personal, one on one conversations. 

The goal is to have 50,000 conversations the week of August 24th.

“The GR8 Conversation is taking place to encourage residents of Gwinnett County, and thereby residents of Snellville, to talk about transportation,” said Economic Development Director Eric Van Otteren. “If you shop in the Scenic Highway shopping district in Snellville you get it. If you commute to a job outside the city, of which 95 percent of Snellvillians do, you get it. If you travel on Highway 78 you get it. A conversation about transportation in Gwinnett County and Snellville is much needed. I encourage each of Snellville’s residents to text ‘join’ to 74029 and join the conversation. 

“Congestion is a sign of a growing area. A growing area also engages in solution discovery. Let Snellville standout as a community engaged in finding transportation solutions.”