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Spirit of Love is always here

Think for a moment about when you have felt loved recently?  Was it when you shared a meal with friends who truly understand you, or when someone gave you a compliment? 

Showing love in many different ways

Or how about when you saw the smile of a baby, felt the caress of a loved one, or sat with a friend who listened attentively with her ears, eyes and heart?  What was it?

cm2190Christine MartinelloDeep within each of us is a desire to love and to be loved.  Love can be expressed in a myriad of ways and when we share it, we all feel more fulfilled.

In the book, ‘The 5 Love Languages’ Gary Chapman highlights 5 ways people express and experience love.  They are; gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch (intimacy).  While these love languages don’t include everything about love, we can relate to this concept. 

During this family tradition you write love notes to your family and friends (service and words of affirmation).  Then you have a family love night and you give the gift of love by reading the love notes to each other (gifts, quality time and words of affirmation).  After you read a love note people typically hug or guys pat each other on the back.  (physical touch). It’s a powerful night bringing family and friends closer together.  CLB NEWphoto ret190

One of the precious ways I feel love over and over again is by reading these handwritten notes that contain loving sentiments.  For the past 15 years family and friends have written notes back and forth.  I have every single one of them tucked away in special places.   Some are in my ‘Christmas Love Box’, some are in my top desk drawer and other treasured notes sit amongst my most valuable gems in a jewelry box. 

Do you know why these love notes are cherished?  I can pull them out at any time and read heartfelt messages written by my husband, children (at all different ages and stages), Mom, Dad, sister, and friends.  I so enjoy finding the notes and reading them over and over again. Each time I read a note it transports me to another time and place and let’s me relive the spirit of love.  

The spirit of love is always here, in our heart – as close as a love note and a memory.  

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Christine is recognized as a leading authority in leadership, life balancing, and Momager™ topics. She is founder of the Momager™ Movement, Camp Her Way, a facilitator of‘edutainment’ programs, a sought-after speaker, and best-selling author of The Momager™ Guide: Empowering Moms To Leave A Loving Legacy.