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Start the School Year SHARP by Developing Effective Study Strategies this Summer!

Woohoo! School is out for the summer so students can now take a break, sleep late, splash around the pool, and go to the movies! Learning can stop now! Right? Wrong!

Carol Wood

Summertime provides the BEST opportunity students have to enrich their academic skills if they desire to get ahead before school begins again or catch up in skills if they ended the school year below average in an area. During the summer, because school has ended and teachers are not moving through any additional curriculum, students have the opportunity to gain ground in their academics and with their school’s expectations. Whereas, during the school year if students fall behind, they must catch up with what they have missed AND keep up with what is being taught on a day-by-day basis BOTH at the same time. This is very difficult to do and can be extremely stressful!

So, mom and dad, give the students in your family the opportunity to do what they cannot easily do during the school year, which is to CATCH UP or MOVE AHEAD in their academics AND solve their STUDY SKILL weaknesses this SUMMER!

One of the reasons many students do not earn high grades or reach their full academic potential during the school year is due to less than ideal study skills. Not all students innately know how to approach their school work in the most effective and efficient ways. Students often tell me they know what to do, but just aren’t doing it. Well, it’s not quite that simple!

Good study techniques are comprised of many components; such as organization, goal setting, motivation, notetaking, test taking, memorization, reading strategies, communication skills, positive attitude and more. Effective study techniques must first be taught, then understood and practiced by the student in order to be successful. It is not enough to study “harder.” Students need to learn how to study “smarter”!

SOUND STUDY ORIENTATION is comprised of two components; Study Habits and Study Attitudes. Study Habits consist of the manner in which a student approaches academics and the promptness in which he/she works. This includes notetaking, listening skills, memorization techniques, methods of test preparation, test-taking strategies and more. Study Attitudes reflect how a student “feels” about teachers, texts books, course curriculum, and school expectations. Whether a student agrees with or likes the teacher or school, in order for him or her to have optimum study orientation, all areas of effective study habits and attitudes are to be properly executed.

To further describe the importance of good study orientation and what is necessary to enable students to reach their academic potential, they must three areas in place; a solid reading, writing, and math foundation, good grasp of current course material, and excellent study orientation. If any of the three areas are weak or neglected, it is probable the student will not reach his or her full academic potential. Thus, college and career opportunities could be missed.

If you want your student’s academic situation to improve and college and career goals realized, then help him or her to assess, repair, and then maintain their academic foundation, current course material, and sound study orientation! Enroll your students into a solid study skills course and tutorial sessions to strengthen foundation this summer, so they are prepared to reach their potential when school begins again in August!

Carol Wood is the Founder & CEO of Total Learning Concepts, Inc. Visit for information about their tutorial and test preparation services. For more information about Total Learning Concepts, Inc., please call 770-381-5958 or visit their website at