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Still Lake closing after 45 years

Still Lake closing after 45 years
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The experienced Still Lake Nursery staff that has helped with all of your needs will be missed by many.  Closing Date is July 12, 2014. Pictured is Gloria Still (Left front), Carol Shannon, Ken Still, Sher Moe, Stephen Still, Linda Gulden, Dolores McCullough, Jimmy Cook and Valerie Chandler.

Dear Friends and Customers,

It saddens me to tell you that after 45 years it is time to retire and close this wonderful place. We have loved getting  to know you and helping with your special needs.

We have helped with proms, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations and then we have been here to help with sad times such as funerals and goodbyes.

Our plants have fed your families and friends, and made your home look beautiful.

Thank you for shopping with us, and we feel grateful that you allowed us to share in your lives and community.

May God Bless each of you,

                 Sincerely,  Gloria Still

Dolores McCullough, Ken Still, Stephen Still, Carol Shannon, Sher Moe, Valerie Chandler, Linda Gulden, and Jimmy Cook

Closing Date… July 12, 2014