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Stress is not fair!

Stress is not fair!
By Mandy Snell Harris

STRESSED.!! Which spelled backwards is DESSERTS! lol. I would prefer the latter of the two, but unfortunately that can't be. I'm pretty sure most all of us have/had some sort of stress in our lives. From work, school, kids, practices, moving, not moving, cooking and mostly, our health.

Mandy Snell Harris

It’s not fair that having stress can cause our health to suffer, but it does. I’ve always been pretty laid back and could roll with the punches. But age and finances seem to have me losing a lot of sleep lately. We all deal with it differently, I am the kind that holds it in until I generally explode, not good. But no matter how it is dealt with, it’s still there. I say my prayers daily asking God to give me strength. He must be listening, because I haven’t hurt anyone yet. Being with family and friends definitely helps and if I can’t actually be with them, just the sound of their voice on the phone or even chatting on FB makes me feel better. I wish I was able to see more friends, more often. However, running into an old friend at a convenient store and talking for 5 minutes, can make my day, thanks Greg Gilleland. So you can imagine how giddy I get when there is a group of us! 

I’ll admit I have had my share of “pity parties”, but they don’t last long. All I have to do is stop, look around me and count my blessings. Roof over my head, food in the fridge, a vehicle that gets me to “very close locations”, husband, my dog, wonderful family and awesome friends, (I’m working on the health part). Then I say out loud,” there are people out there that have it so much worse.” I pray for them.  also. In other words, when you are sad, mad, or basically having a crappy day…. Remember that, it could be worse ! So stay happy and healthy and call me if you just want to talk. Denean, we’ll talk again soon, I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious CoCo. Until next time, hug yourselves and each other!!  🙂                          

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!