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Student film crew create an alcohol training video for the City of Duluth

Student film crew create an alcohol training video for
the City of Duluth

Students shoot video for proper use and sell of alcohol Duluth, GA - Students at Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology “knock it out the park” with a new alcohol training video created for The City of Duluth.

Mayor Nancy Harris, students Gordon Clark, Beau Rainey, John McDonough, and teachers Ryan Taylor and Chris Gegen

The City will use the video to educate both local businesses handling alcohol and those interested in obtaining alcohol permits. City officials honored the students for their contribution at the Council meeting on Monday.

“This video is a means to educate and protect our visitors, citizens, and our youth who visit these establishments. Making sure they are not selling to minors, that they are properly trained, and checking ids is necessary,” said City Clerk Teresa Lynn.

The video is a short film shot and edited by 12th grade students over a three-month period. The students received hands-on experience in video production while assisting the City with alcohol protocols.

“What we try to do is give the students a real life experience as much as possible and we work very closely with our internship coordinators to assist us in finding opportunities like this. It’s a win, win situation. The students get real life experience and the client gets a professional made video,” said Coordinator of Media and Technology Chris Gegen.

The importance of educating local businesses about the proper use and selling of alcohol is very important to the City of Duluth. With the help of these high school students, the City was able to meet their goal.