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Sugarloaf Fit Body Boot Camp

Sugarloaf Fit Body Boot Camp
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

The first thing anyone might notice about Darren Terry is his exuberant enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition and the balance that a healthy body offers to anyone. At Sugarloaf Fit Body Boot Camp, members find a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere based on motivation, accountability, and strength of mind and body. 

To achieve a client’s fitness goals, the staff at Fit Body Boot Camp utilizes the scientific method referred to as H.I.I.T., which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. “We also use Exercise Stacking as well as Active Rest Periods which gives you the best workouts possible,” says Darren. “We are able to achieve twice the fat-burning effect of any other exercise program.” During traditional, steady-state workouts, calories are burned while working, but the body’s metabolism quickly returns to its normal state once the workout ends. Science plays a huge part in balancing a good workout for extended benefits.

Any fitness plan must include a nutrition component. At Sugarloaf FBBC, nutrition is the key to maintaining lifelong health. “We looked at many supplement options out there and we chose to use TLS,” says Darren. “We want our members to lose fat, not muscle, so we go beyond the workout to achieve lasting results.” TLS offers supplemental support which, along with a healthy diet, helps to achieve weight-loss goals. The philosophy at Sugarloaf FBBC includes supplemental support, a low glycemic diet with variety, and the avoidance of mass-produced foods. 

In addition to nutrition and science, Darren and his staff include both resistance training and cardiovascular components to each workout. They pay special attention to the body’s core to offer a complete and effective workout in just 30 minutes. “Obviously it is essential to maintain our core,” says Darren. “Because it is the center of our body, balance is key.” 

Being balanced includes reaching beyond the self. For Darren, reaching out to the community is part of the balance he has created at Sugarloaf FBBC. “We have a vision locally, to the clients in the communities that we serve and the neighborhoods we operate our fitness centers from to get involved, contributing locally whenever possible,” says Darren. “That’s what being a good neighbor is all about.” Stepping foot into a Fit Body Boot Camp location means you can expect a clean, friendly, and fun high energy workout environment that’s not only a place to get fit and healthy, but a place to make friends with others in your community.

Sugarloaf Fit Body Boot Camp offers a variety of classes that place emphasis upon different areas. The first class of the day begins at 5:30am and classes run all day through 7:30pm. They are also open on Saturday. “Our members are our passion,” says Darren. “We see them as more than a keytag scan, they know we care.” 

For more information: or LIKE them on Facebook.  Call 770-896-6718 and visit us at 3370 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Ste G-9, Lawrenceville.