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Summer Energy-saving Tips for Your Home & Appliances

There are many things you can do to prevent your air conditioner and other appliances from running up your energy bill in the summer. First, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. These devices can automatically adjust the temperature while you’re out of the house or sleeping, so your air conditioner only turns on when it’s needed most. Need help with installation and understanding how it works? We’re always here to help.

You should also get into the habit of closing curtains, blinds and shutters during the day, especially for south-facing windows. That will keep summer heat on the outside, keeping you and your family comfortable on the inside.

Give your outdoor unit plenty of space to operate efficiently by keeping all landscaping, bushes and shrubs trimmed at least 24” inches on each side of your system. Proper airflow leads to peak operation!

The appliances in your home also offer easy ways to cut down on your energy bills. Of course, the easiest way to cut down your energy bill is by buying new, energy-efficient appliances. Not in your budget? Try some of these home energy saving tips for appliances:

HoltkampJuly240• Wash full loads of laundry in the washer and full loads of dishes in the dishwasher
• Turn down your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees. This will use less energy to heat the water.
• Do not over-dry clothes. A moisture sensor can avoid unnecessary dry time.
• Keep your lint screen clean in your dryer.
• Separate heavier clothing into a separate load from lightweight clothing. Towels take longer to dry than t-shirts.
• Ensure your refrigerator door has a tight seal.
• For maximum efficiency, set your refrigerator to 36 to 38 degrees and your freezer to 0 to 5 degrees.

Finally, the best way to make sure you’re not wasting energy and driving up your power bill is to make sure your air conditioner gets a check-up from one of our professional technicians. Sometimes fix-ing a simple problem can result in big savings! Call us for a $78 tune-up and we’ll be on our way.