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90th Birthday

Snellville leaders come together to celebrate 90 years Photo L - R : Front row: Emmett Clower (Former Mayor), Jack Dillard (Former City Clerk) Bruce Garroway, Mayor Kelly Kautz, Barbara Bender, Judy Waters, Debbie Rich, Kurt Shultz. 2nd row: Warren Auld, Wayne Odum, Melvin Everson, Nelson Williams, Jr. Mike Staley, Jim Brooks (Former City Manager). 3rd row: Dave Emanuel, Diane Krause, Bobby Howard, Joe Anderson, Melissa Arnold (City Clerk),Tom Witts (Mayor Pro Tem), Mike Sabbagh. Not pictured is Chad Smith.

Snellville celebrated 90 years with Snellville leaders and lots of Jazz!


There has been a whole lot of celebrating going on in Snellville. The City of Snellville officially became 90 years old on August 20, 2013. On August 20, 1923, a charter was signed and Snellville, Ga became an official town. Two events were held to celebrate its rich history. 

Special Photo of a Painting Shared by Emmett Clower Snellville 1952 - Intersection of Hwy 124 & Hwy 78. The building on the left is Mr Aubrey Peter’s Pure Station. The building to the right is the Sinclair Station.

City of Snellville to celebrate 90 years


More than ninety years ago, at a crossroads, a community was created. The British-born Snell and Sawyer families established homes and commerce. The late 1870’s brought the wood-built general stores built by the founding fathers that began a growing trend. Churches, doctors and eventually phone service followed.