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Aesthetic Nursing

Barbara McClure, RN, BSHA

Holiday Reflections

The Holiday Season for me creates a time for family, friends, memories, and reflection. As a culture, I feel that we have become so engrossed in the material aspect of the Season that we have nearly displaced the reason that we are celebrating.

Barbara McClure, RN, BSHA

Massage and Skin Care: Luxuries or Necessities?

In this day and time we are confronted with demanding jobs, meeting family needs, caring for elderly parents, not to mention air pollution, processed foods…the list goes on.  All of these are stressors that create inflammation in our bodies causing physical and mental pain. Our muscles hurt and our skin takes on the signs of aging.   

Barbara McClure RN, BSHA

Get Ready, NOW, for the Holiday Season

There are just a little over 12 weeks before Christmas and only about nine weeks until Thanksgiving. We all want to feel confident and look our best for the upcoming parties, family gatherings, and wedding, so get started with a plan, now.