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American Business Owner

Lalit Patel and staff with Grayson’s Mayor Allison Wilkerson, City Administrator Laura Cone, and Community Development Director Gail Lane.

Grayson BOOST awards grants to small businesses

Grayson –  Throughout the spring and summer, Main Street Grayson representatives put together a board of community investors that included individuals and citizens, business owners, and civic organizations.

The New Lawrenceville Spring Green Festival raised $10,000, which was donated to Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation toward the purchase of a dedicated NICU Ambulance on April 8, 2014.

New Lawrenceville Power of local community

Never underestimate the power of a local community – and the small American Business owner
By Rodney Camren

“It was President Harry Truman who said if you don’t know where you have been, then you don’t know where you are going”. Mary Frazier Long has many quotes on the New Lawrenceville Trolley Tours and many stories about the City of Lawrenceville’s past. Our community trolley tours started six years ago. In our groups efforts of “Bringing Community Together” we wanted to do more than just be a networking group.