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Cheryl Copeland

Taking time to enjoy precious moments and create memories that will last a lifetime! Photo Courtesy of Brian Whitlow

Cheryl’s Adventure – Taking time

Hannah gathered her three children, their belongings, and tests that needed to be graded that evening.  As they hurried out of the classroom she reminded them of her son’s lacrosse practice; it was imperative they remain on schedule.

Someone else’s shoes

Cheryl’s Adventure – Someone else’s shoes

The alarm clock began buzzing. Kyle wanted nothing more than to snooze for five more minutes. Five more minutes of peace. Is that really too much to ask for, he thought. But he knew better than to risk being late for school.

You can tell your Grandma ‘hello’ in heaven!

Cheryl’s Adventure – Giving a ‘shout out’

A young girl’s sweet sounds echoed in the shower as her mother reached in and turned off the water.   On a school night, all good things must come to an end, even if the entire house was enjoying her Taylor Swift sing-a-like concert. 

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Don’t worry, Be happy

The last dismissal bell rang and students flooded the hallways.  Cheerful children were excited to be released and anxious to enjoy their few free hours of freedom left in the day.  Among these smiling faces were two bubbling young ladies that appeared to be as happy and carefree as the rest of world.

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – My little secret

Hmmm – that’s weird.  What is that?  Is that a lump?  How are we to know if a lump is a lump?  We should check ourselves once a month, but what exactly are we supposed to be feeling?  Had I checked myself before, then I ‘d know if it was normal to feel as though I had a twenty-five cent rubber bouncy ball stuck in the side of my boob!

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Changing seasons


Christmas is coming!  It’s my absolute favorite time of the year!  But first, hold that seasonal thought – I need to share something with you.  Most of you know I’m fighting breast cancer.  But it’s not about the cancer, it’s about change.

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – LOOK GOOD – FEEL BETTER


Children’s words are often charming, especially when spoken directly from the heart.  While some phrases or comments are meant to be nothing but sweet and innocent, we sometimes rule them to be a bit blunt and horribly honest. 

“Enjoying the Ding Ding of the machine as the Last Chemo round is complete! Woo hoo!” - Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Joy of being bald

We’ve all read or heard of the Joy books.  Joy of Baking.  Joy of Gardening.  Joy of Eating.  Over the last few months I have come to the realization that it is time to share all the Joys of Being Bald!

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Everyday heroes

Look! Up in the sky!  It’s a bird – it’s a plane!  No!  It’s Superman!  You’ve just realized that evil forces were swooping in to attack and destroy everything within your reach!  Then, out of the blue, you see a man dressed in bright blue spandex and a red flying cape with a giant “S” on his chest flying in to save the day!  Yeah, right.