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Cut to the Chase

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

Suburban entrepreneurship gets a boost

The classic entrepreneur-makes-good story chronicles the trials and tribulations of a company, started by an individual or small group, that started in someone’s garage and blossomed into a huge multi-national corporation. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett-Pack-ard, and Google come to mind in that regard.

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

Public Transit Must Change with the Times

Although they are annoying, infuriating, frustrating and countless other adjectives, heavy traffic, and road congestion are facts of life, not only in Gwinnett County but in just about every metropolitan area in the country. In spite of the negatives associated with it, heavy traffic is a sign of success; large increases in population occur in areas that are desirable as places to live and work.

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

Equine Therapy- A Legacy of The First Southerners

As Gwinnett county’s population approaches one million, it’s difficult to picture the landscape as it existed in the early 19th century, when there were no paved roads, no subdivisions and, believe it or not, no traffic. At that time, the county was occupied primarily by the Creek and Cherokee tribes, which are referred to by many archaeologists as, “The First Southerners.”

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

Gwinnett’s 200th Birthday Bash Launches

On December 15, 2017, Gwinnett County launched the opening event in the year-long celebration of its 200th anniversary. The celebration will include events throughout the year and culminate on December 15, 2018, the date that marks exactly 200 years since the county was created.

Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

Vote- and Take At Least One Woman With You

Each time an election rolls around, I find myself wondering how to best perform my civic duty to vote. I always figured that my sole responsibility was simply to cast a ballot; the decision is whether to vote early or wait for election day. But some time ago, I received an e-mail that prompted me to consider another option.

Dave Emanuel

Service Dogs to the Rescue

For most people, a dog is the family member who is always glad to see you and wants little more than some of your time, regular meals and a decent place to sleep. But for some people, a dog is much more than a pet. For them, “man’s best friend” can mean the difference between the captivity of an institution and the freedom to live, move about, or to overcome once debilitating events.