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Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen

Tom Wargo, owner of Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen and Daffy's New & Used Pet Supplies, loads up supplies to deliver to flood victims in Louisiana at the end of September. Daffy’s has made several trips so far to help deliver aid to animals in Louisiana.

Food, shelter, and love

Lilburn couple works to keep pets and their humans together
Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen

Tom and Diane Wargo are retired. Well, that’s not quite accurate. The couple both left their former careers to work full time helping animals. That may sound like a quiet plan for their golden years, but the Wargos’ passion for bettering the lives of all animals is exhausting –  physically, emotionally, and financially.

Dylan and Tom Wargo

Soup’s up!

Question: What do you get when you cross the name of a famous duck, a big-hearted man, and the countries first pet food bank? To understand the answer the backstory needs to be told.