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Duluth Historical Society

Ann Parsons Odum signs the mural of the Duluth Depot, located in the Southeastern Railway Museum, and painted during Duluth’s “Great Days of Service” a few years ago.

Duluth Historical Society Unveils Murals of Old Duluth

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, the Duluth Historical Society unveiled Duluth artist, Ann Parsons Odum’s, two, 4×5 foot murals depicting Duluth streetscapes from the 1930’s and late 1940’s. Duluth is home to Odum and home is where her heart and art is.

Don Norris (Village of Hope, Lawrenceville) accepts three tomato plants from Candace Morgan (Duluth Historical Society). They will be passed along to some of their clients to nurture as a way of spreading the love!

Duluth Historical Society – Spreading the Love

Ever exchange ideas, share what you have, learn from one another?  Why bother?  It’s what our parents and grandparents used to do! It was neighborly to do so a few years back, and still is!  

Hank Aaron was honored as a Georgia Trustee (Stan Deaton and Hank Aaron L to R)

Stan Deaton: teaching Georgia’s history

Georgia native Stan Deaton had no idea that as he grew up in Snellville, riding his bike through the woods, attending the First Baptist Church with his family, and creating life-long friends attending South Gwinnett High School, that he would later play a key role in teaching Georgia’s history.