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Tim Daly

Use caution when planting over septic drain fields

One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is damage to their septic tank system causing wastewater to seep out into their yard and sewage to back-up in their homes. Many factors can lead to septic system problems, but one of the most common causes are the roots of trees and shrubs seeking out the septic system for water and nutrients.

Sweet autumn clematis with white flowers and fragrant beauty quickly climbs up trellises and arbors. Photo credit: Melinda Myers, LLC

Colorful Vines and Groundcovers for the Fall Garden

Create a colorful and fragrant fall finale in your garden with groundcovers and vines. Blanket the earth with hardy groundcovers that add seasonal interest. Then direct your eye skyward with vines climbing on trellises, fences, and arbors.

Carole Townsend

(Not So) Common Sense | Gardening with Norman Rockwell

Has spring finally settled in? I ask myself that in late April, as the winds howl and rain gushes through our gutters. I can’t remember a time when winter held on as tight as it has this year, reluctant to loosen its grip and wait its turn to come back around. I get the feeling we’re going to go from cool and breezy to hot and humid overnight, don’t you? We’re just about due for some hot, sunny days strung together for a while, probably until late October. 

Tim Daly

Making your garden ‘bird friendly’

People travel thousands of miles to search for rare and elusive bird species inhabiting exotic locations such as the frigid tundra in Alaska or the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. However, one does not need to travel long distances to observe diverse species of birds as their backyard garden can potentially attract a multitude of bird species.

Tim Daly

Preparing home gardening equipment for the winter

Homeowners depend on a variety of equipment to accomplish home landscaping tasks. During winter, most of it is not used and should be appropriately stored. However, some preparation is necessary before putting it away.

Tim Daly

Make sure you use plants that fit the site

Fall is an excellent time of the year to install trees and shrubs. During the cold weather months, the top part of the plants grow very slowly, but the roots will continue to grow and expand. By the next growing season, they are better established and can tolerate the hot, dry conditions of the summer.

Tim Daly

Use multiple tactics to control pests

Pests, whether they are insects, weeds, or plant diseases, are a fact of life in the home and garden.  One of the most efficient ways to control them is to practice “integrated pest management” or IPM, which anticipates problems and uses preventative measures. 


Hydrangeas beautify the summer landscape

Bigleaf hydrangeas bloom profusely during the early summer months with pink to dark blue globular clusters of flowers and have solid medium to dark green leaves. The plants are attractive in the landscape and can be used as a specimen, group of plants or in containers.

Ferns thrive in the shade

Ferns thrive in the shade

Ferns are one of the more interesting but underutilized garden plants. They tolerate temperature extremes, require minimal maintenance, have few pest problems, and many are native to Georgia.