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Hot'lanta Gourd Patch at their monthly meeting at The Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts. Inset: Gourds take many forms in the talented hands of the gourd artists. Tina Shumake Handrop (3rd from right).

Gourdgeous art

Snellville native, Tina Shumake Handrop, has been holding out on the art world. She has spent her life serving the needs of others. Family comes first for Tina – wife, mother, sister, daughter are all roles that she cherishes. As a postal employee and current postmaster of Snellville, Tina has had a full and rewarding career. As a wife and mother, she has rejoiced in the role of raising a family. It was her role as daughter that gave her the gift of art. Tina’s mother introduced her to the art of decorating gourds.