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Carolyn Wright, The LONA Gallery

The Power of Giving Back

This time of year, we feel that special tug on our hearts to do more and give more to our fellow man… ‘tis the season”! We look for ways to engage in acts of kindness to make the lives of those who need a helping hand a little better and hopefully a little brighter, especially during the holidays.

Jonathan Howes

One Day in Heaven

A few years ago some friends invited our family to go to Six Flags with them for the day. They had VIP passes, and said that all of our expenses would be covered. So, our family piled into our swagger wagon (a.k.a. minivan), and we followed their family to Six Flags.

Mandy Snell

I am SO thankful

I normally write down my article, the old fashion way… with pen and paper and then put it to the keyboard. I don’t need to it that way this time.

Carole Townsend

Thankfulness is a relative thing

(Not So) Common Sense: Thankfulness is a relative thing

Ah, the glorious week is finally here. I do believe that Thanksgiving week may be my favorite of all fifty-two weeks packed into a year. If not, it runs a close second, and that’s only to Christmas week.