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Grayson High School

Soraya Bagheri

Growing Up in 2018

Growing up as a teenager in 2018 is a bit more different than what my parents described their high school and teenage years experiences were. I’m sure I’m not the only person whose parents have told them about what life was like growing up. Whether it’s the clothes they wore, the music they listened to, or whatever they did after school with their friends. 

Diverse Events

Spring is the best time at Magic Moment because of all the diverse events we can photograph. We go from sports fields to pageants, to father-daughter dances and begin our graduation events. An added factor is always the unpredictable weather. We are bundled up in winter coats on Monday, and the kids are running around the yard in shorts on Wednesday, and we check the weather obsessively hoping to get our shoots in.

Grayson High School receives large grant for community farm

The Food Well Alliance has awarded Grayson High School a $25,000 grant to support the Grayson High School Community Farm and Garden project. The farm and garden helps students learn and hone the skills needed to run an urban garden that provides nutritionally dense food for families that don’t have access to local and sustainably grown healthy foods.

Meredith Chastain & Meghan Schroder

Smiles like these

The clear star of the summer of 2017 for us was the rain. There was no safe time to organize a photo shoot because it rained day and night. Eventually, we gave in and started just conducting our shoots in the rain under umbrellas- frizzy, wet hair and all.

Soraya Bagheri

Freshman Year

Soraya BagheriFreshman Year
By Soraya Bagheri
What goes around…

Wow. I can’t believe it’s already May. Freshman year has completely flown by. So, this month I just want to recap everything that happened my first year of high school.

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

Gwinnett’s all about Fall

When we do Homecoming Crownings, the King and Queen are predictably good looking and charming. However, Brookwood High School Homecoming King, Jacob Oldknow, shown being crowned by Principal Bo Ford, is the next level.  

By Jonathan Howes, Lead Pastor, Graystone Church

Humble beginnings

In October of 2004 Graystone Church began in a rented warehouse space on Grayson Industrial Parkway.  On that first Sunday, approximately 160 people were in attendance, and Grayson High School Head Football Coach Mickey Conn shared his testimony. 

Brad Toren and Mary Grace Gaddy

Gwinnett’s at it again!

This past summer our immediate staff (family and Meredith who is like family but much calmer) made a decision by not making a decision.  None of us went on vacation. By late August we were a pleasant but zombie like group.