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Growing up in Snellville

Mandy Snell

I am SO thankful

I normally write down my article, the old fashion way… with pen and paper and then put it to the keyboard. I don’t need to it that way this time.

Mandy Snell Harris

Resilient hearts

Isn’t it amazing how much our hearts and bodies (sometimes), can take? The heart is very resilient. Even though it probably has been broken many times, it continues to beat.

Mandy Snell Harris

Grief is a hard part of life

I was sitting in traffic on Tuesday June 2nd… Yes, I remember the day and actually the time. I thought, “what should I write about next month”?

Have a wonderful 2015!

Brand new year! Yay!! I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy. The holidays can be an emotional time. When were kids it was all about lights, presents and Santa. It still can be for us young at heart. But we seem to find ourselves, as adults, rushing around and hurrying to get EVERYTHING DONE! And really… ‘the reason for the season’ sometimes gets lost.