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Hearts to Nourish Hope

Hearts to Nourish Hope staff. L-R: Ericka Leslie, Career Case Manager; Kevin Vu, Intern; Oscar Parada, Intern; Patrice Wuerth, COO; Royale Schoepf, Counselor, and Timothy Whailen, LMSW.

Hearts to Nourish Hope helps wayward youth in Gwinnett find purpose

Patrice Wuerth, COO and Co-founder of local non-profit “Hearts to Nourish Hope”, is on a mission to provide work and education opportunities to troubled youth in the community. With a new center in Lawrenceville that focuses on ages 16 to 24, Patrice sees all kinds of possibilities to make a difference for those in DEFACS, the Juvenile Court system, and out-of-school teens in Gwinnett.