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This drawing shows the intrepid “bucket brigade” which bravely extinguished the Lilburn fire of November 15, 1920 as it raged through the Old Town area, almost wiping out the entire town. Commemoration of this event is scheduled for this Sunday, rain or shine, in downtown Lilburn. (Drawing courtesy of City of Lilburn)

Lilburn commemorates centennial of 1920 Fire

A devastating fire that raged in the early morning hours of Nov. 15, 1920, almost wiping out the downtown area of Lilburn, will be commemorated on the 100th Anniversary of when the community’s heroic volunteer “bucket brigade” saved the town.

The front of the William Garner Home located on Five Forks Trickum Road on three acres.

Mountain Park has a rich history

Mountain Park certainly has a rich history, dating back to Gwinnett County’s birth in 1818, and before that when the Creek and Cherokee Indians lived here. And the name Trickum played a major part. Some residents still refer to the FFT/Rockbridge intersection as Trickum, a name that’s been here since early days.

Georgia POW Camps in World War II — a book about Georgia’s little-known history in the Second World War

Georgia POW Camps in World War II — a book about Georgia’s little-known history in the Second World War

In their new book, Georgia POW Camps in World War II, co-authors JW Wetzel, and Dr. Kathryn Roe Coker share the little-known history of WWII prisoners of war who were held at a prisoner of war camps across the state of Georgia. Weaving research with first-person narratives, they tell a timeless tale, showing how soldiers regarded as mortal ‘enemies’ became an integral part of the Homefront and saved Georgia’s harvest in 1944 when most of the able-bodied farmworkers were fighting overseas.

Dacula Mayor Wilbanks presents an overview of Dacula’s History.

A city once called Hoke

“We are living history and we each have our own personal stories to tell. What is today will be different tomorrow,” said Dacula’s Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks as he provided an overview of the history of Dacula on November, 2, 2016 at the Gwinnett County Public Library – Dacula Branch.

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More lives will be changed

At one time, Rome was the largest city in the world and the center of the most powerful economic, cultural, and political empire in history.

Linda Blase in her Atlanta Doll Clinic studio, Snellville

Restored dolls and toys revive memories

Linda Blase isn’t a “doll” person. It’s one of the reasons that she’s so very good at restoring them. Being able to look at a doll and see all its separate parts is difficult for someone who loves dolls.