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Homelessness in Gwinnett County

Ellen Gerstein

Hungry and Homeless in Gwinnett

The Gwinnett Coalition partners with local organizations to combat these disturbing issues

On a cold Monday morning in December a single mom calls the Gwinnett Helpline, a program of the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services, desperately seeking resources for herself and her two young children. Not only has she just received notice that she’s about to be kicked out of the extended stay hotel room she calls ‘home’- but since her funds are low, she is also struggling to find someone to help her provide her children’s next meal. 

Kashaun Cooper

YO! Homeless kids, in Gwinnett?

Kashaun CooperKashaun Cooper talks to a group of Berkmar teens about winning in life as underdogsThink Gwinnett County, and what comes to mind? Sidewalk-lined streets, top-notch schools, and beautiful parks with miles of walking trails. Gwinnett attracts jobs and the people qualified to fill them, and it’s home to award-winning healthcare facilities. Gwinnett means, to many, success.

Home of Hope Grand Opening

Home of Hope Grand Opening

The Gwinnett Children’s Shelter invites friends of the community to attend the unveiling ceremony of the new “Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter.” on May 2, 2016.

Patricia Dennard working on her degree and finding a job during the day at the Family Promise Day House Computer Lab.

Family Promise

Choosing to share a personal story is sometimes a courageous decision. Homelessness has been a recurring topic in the past several months with a near daily call to attention by various service organizations within Gwinnett County. The reasons vary, sometimes it is a domestic issue, sometimes it is transportation, and sometimes it is illness, but what it rarely seems to be is anything short of a last resort. Leaving your home, your children’s toys, clothes and food behind might seem like an unlikely scenario, but it is real. It is a reality each and every day here in Gwinnett.