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As Ourselves

Growing up, I was taught to respect others and their perspective on life. I often find it interesting to learn about how other people grew up, learn about their life experiences and explore insights into their culture.

Carolyn Wright, The LONA Gallery

Magical Healing Powers of Art

There is a lot of love, passion and positive energy at Creative Enterprises, not only among the staff, but it is evident among the clients they serve as well. On a recent visit, I was greeted by wide, welcoming smiles, generous greetings and even a hug or two! It may not be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but it’s a close second in my book!

Jonathan Howes

Never Worry About These 5 Things

In Romans 8:31-39 the Apostle Paul instructs Christians that God is for us, and he wants what is best for our lives.  Through 5 rhetorical questions, the Apostle Paul reminds us of the incredible benefits of being on God’s team.

Snell and Marlene Buchanan


Did you meet your spouse or significant other and just know “this is the one”? I have to tell you a little story about Snell and me.

Katie Hart Smith

Extraordinary in the ordinary

There is extraordinary in the ordinary. As human beings, we are blessed with infinite possibilities that can shape who we are and what we choose to do in life.

Mandy Snell

I am SO thankful

I normally write down my article, the old fashion way… with pen and paper and then put it to the keyboard. I don’t need to it that way this time.