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Kim Ryan

Kim Ryan, CEO Eastside Medical Center

A story of courage from Eastside Medical’s CEO, Kim Ryan

Surviving Hurricane Katrina: Sharing a story of courage under intense pressure takes a tremendous amount of courage in itself. For Eastside Medical Center’s CEO, Kim Ryan, courage under pressure is part of the job description when you take on a leadership role.

EMC’s Orthopaedic Staff (L-R): Shaun Traub MD; Jeff Traub MD, Larry Bircoll MD, Kehne Moeller MD, Shane Smith MD, David Harkins DO, Craig Mines MD.

Mobility, mobility, mobility

Eastside Medical Center Joint Destinations opens

The new Joint Destinations unit at Eastside Medical Center held a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 26th with a surprise dedication of the gym to W. Kehne Moeller, M.D.