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Mandy Snell

Kudzu media

Hey everyone… Glad you’re here! Since my last article, I had a incident happen.

My precious yellow lab, Sophie, decided to take a long walk. It was July 4th around 1:00, we got her back home on Saturday afternoon. The reason for me telling you this is: 1) I was a mess for 30 + hours, 2) she has never done this before in her 12 years, and 3) Facebook is awesome when it comes to something like this. I had 60 to 70 friends all commenting and giving me encouragement. 20 or so posting her pictures on their page and sharing it and 5 friends actually got in their cars and drove around. WOW! As if I wasn’t crying enough. I want to thank all of you again, you know who you are.

English Ivy Cover

Several common landscape plants have invasive characteristics

In our landscapes, many of the plants are not native to the United States. They were brought here from other parts of the world for a variety of reasons. Although most are not troublesome, some of these plants have the potential to overtake native ecosystems.